Greetings Rugby Family!!

I hope this letter finds you well.  Rugby overall is expanding with the professional league and the explosion of youth programs all over the country.  If you love rugby and cherish your time spent with the organization, we are asking for your support to make the Royal Ramblers a rugby program that you can be proud of for generations!

The leadership are committed to continuing the progress of the club at the highest level possible and to do that we are asking for your help.  The club will be competing in the National Division 2 and National Division 3, which means we will be recruiting hard at all levels and continuing to ramp up our total number of participants. With continued increase in total numbers and high number of matches comes an increase in our need to provide an expanded travel budget, training equipment, and training facilities for our players, many of whom are very young and even still in college. Please consider pledging your support through our monthly membership program.

The monthly membership program is designed to provide steady funding to the following yearly operational expenses:  Coaching Staff, Training Equipment & Facilities, Medical Supplies, Travel Costs and Recruitment Funds

The Plan:   The goal is to sign up people comprised of former players, family, friends, and supporters on this program.

The Vehicle: recurring debits from former players, family, friends, and supporters. The club has set up a recurring debit program through our club website,  You can sign up now by clicking on the packages below.   You will be an alumni/supporting member of the St. Louis Royal Ramblers Rugby Club.

Rather than asking for a big check yearly to support the team, usually with a moment’s notice, we are asking participants to sign up for the monthly membership program. Simply commit to a small monthly sum, supply your credit card, and that’s it. The credit card is charged monthly and no longer will you be asked to contribute one large donation each year.

What we’re asking of you: First, sign up at a starting commitment of $25.00 or more per month. Second, contact your old teammates you played with not currently on this program, and help us sign up at least two of them. Third, ask these friends to do the same. We’ll continue to our annual goals of members in no time.  Current members will be asked to invest at least $15.00 per month.

The numbers:

Year 1: $25 per month, at 25 members would bring the club $7,500

Year 2: $25 per month, at 50 members would bring the club $15,000

Year 3: $25 per month, at 100 members would bring the club $30,000

As previously mentioned, this revenue would be put toward coaching staff, training equipment & facilities, medical supplies, travel costs and recruitment funds. In just a few short years we would be able to make some significant moves from winning the Division III championship to Division II champions, to having a Division I side as well.  This model has worked at other dynasty clubs around the country and there is no reason we can’t accomplish it as well!

Breakout of operating expense Funds:

–        50% of the funds would go to support coaching staff, training equipment and facilities.

–        25% of the funds would go to support team travel expenses.

–        25% of the funds would go into the club’s general fund. These funds will go to your annual gift and annual expenses which I’ll call “maintenance items” such as website fees, union fees etc.…

The club incurs minimal fees for the membership donations; thus, the funds go entirely to the club

A Paypal account is required in order to manage your subscription. Once you choose the subscription you want, you will have the option to log into your Paypal account or create a new account.

What do you get?

Membership Monthly Amount Reward for your Investment
Player $15.00

Membership will pay for your cipp and your annual banquet ticket.
Knight or Maiden $25.00

1 ticket to the annual banquet
Duke or Duchess $50.00

2 tickets to the annual banquet
Prince or Princess $75.00

2 tickets to the annual banquet plus our annual gift*
King or Queen $100.00

4 tickets to the annual banquet plus our annual gift*

*Our annual gift will be specialized high quality rugby apparel that will be different every year.

We will have an alumni day at least once a year providing food and drink; with special acknowledgment of the monthly contributors.

Each contributor will be notified of games and events for/during the season.

As the monthly membership program continues to grow in the future we will look at ways to increase the list of benefits for everyone.

Please follow this link to the payment page to set up your donation program. As always, the Royal Ramblers Rugby Club is appreciative of your continued support.

Yours in Rugby,

Steve McKinstry